Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) Systems and Associated Services Framework is now live

Members are now able to access the new Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) Systems and Associated Services Framework (ITS1040 AP) from APUC. This national agreement is the second iteration of the framework, but the first that will be available to NWUPC Members. This agreement is available to Members of NWUPC, APUC, HEPCW, LUPC, NEUPC and SUPC. The agreement went live on the 22nd April 2021 and will run for 2 years + an optional 2 x 12 month extension to 21st April 2025. 

Supplier Launch Event

On the 2nd February 2022 - 10am - D2L will showcase distinguishing features of their Brightspace VLE. D2L are ranked no1 Supplier on Lot 1 of the framework, they have also just been awarded the first contract through a mini competition in England at the University of Brunel in London.  

On the 16th February 2022 – 10am, you can join ITS Learning who are a provider used widely in Europe and other continents.  Looking to expand their footprint into the UK they will discuss the new VLE Framework and how you can benefit from it.

Where – Online via MS Teams

If you would like to receive a calendar invite for this session please email APUC Procurement Manager Peter Jackson who will send you an invite.

The framework covers the following areas:

Lot 1 – Proprietary VLE Systems and Associated Services including:  web-conferencing; lecture capture; analytics; e-portfolio; originality detection; online examinations.
Lot 2 - Development, Hosting and Support of Moodle VLE and Associated Services (further details to follow when released about Lot 2).
Scope of this agreement:
The scope of this procurement covers the supply of VLE Systems and Associated Services including but not limited to provision of:
  • Timely installation of all required software functionality and upgrades
  • All associated software licensing and or equivalent model of service delivery
  • Support and Maintenance in line with contractual Service Level obligations
  • Managed Hosting Infrastructure, as required by Institutions, scalable to deliver all Service Level obligations
  • Solution Implementation including Data Migration as required by Institutions
  • Project Management of all required Solution Implementations and upgrades as required by Institutions
  • High performance Integration with a range of corporate and specialist education sector Systems
  • Solution Consultancy wherever required by Institutions
  • VLE Solutions that support blended learning including delivery of select components of the curriculum “on-line” across a range of standard personal computing and mobile devices
The scope of the Framework Agreement may also include further optional capabilities, which may add strategic value to Institutions. These could include the following options and without limitation:
  • Web conferencing products and services
  • E-Portfolio
  • On-Line Examinations and Proctoring
  • Lecture and Video Capture
  • Management Learning Analytics
  • Similarity Detection
  • Corporate staff learning requirements
  • Accessibility support software
  • In-house Hosted VLE solutions where offered by Tenderer
Suppliers awarded to Lot 1
  • D2L Europe
  • Instructure Global
  • ITS Learning

For further information on these Suppliers including contact details, service offering and achieved scores there is a detailed User Guide available on HE Contracts.

For further questions or enquiries contact Dave Yates, NWUPC’s Computing Category Manager or call on 0161 234 8002.