UKUPC - Supplier Guide to Tendering


NWUPC Ltd suppliers now have access to a ‘Supplier Guide to Tendering’ document created by the Joint Contracting Group for all suppliers on UKUPC frameworks.

Public Sector Tendering involves a formal process designed to provide suppliers with a fair, equal and transparent opportunity to supply but which has a particular structure and a formulaic approach to bidding. This guidance has been produced to assist potential bidders to navigate that process and to take full advantage of the tender opportunity.  It is a resource that aims to be particularly beneficial to those unfamiliar with public sector tendering and was written with SMEs in mind to open up some of the potential barriers that they may face.

This guide has been developed to assist you with tendering and give you information about the process and how to respond to the “Invitation to Tender (ITT)”. It has been developed with SMEs in mind to give you support where you might not have specialist bid writers within your organisation.  SMEs make up a large proportion of the UKUPC supply base and we recognise the flexibility and high levels of customer service that you can offer to your customers, which is the standard we are looking for to service our members’ requirements. 

We have also made this into an interactive presentation which can be accessed here. Please use the arrows to move through to the next section or click directly on the required section of the video. This presentation covers an overview of the Supplier Guide to Tendering but full details can be found on the PDF. This link can be shared freely with any colleagues you feel may be interested.

This guide is also available to read on the UKUPC website and on all the UKUPC Partners websites.

For any questions or queries about this document you can contact your regional consortia, links are available in the useful links section of the PDF.