New PPE Framework announced by CPC

CPC have announced that the new PPE, Clothing and Uniforms framework went live on May 10th as scheduled. The framework will be in place for an initial period of 2 years from the 10th May 2020 to the 9th of May 2022, with two possible 1-year extensions up to 9th of May 2024. 

There have been 14 successful suppliers evaluated and awarded a place on the new framework, with 8 suppliers per lot to ensure members demands can be met at all times of the year. There are also more suppliers than before being awarded to the One Stop Shop lot.

The lot structure has been updated for the new PPE, Clothing and Uniforms framework. The current 10 Lots structure has been simplified to the 5 Lot structure detailed below, with more items available from a wider range of suppliers per lot.

The framework is split into 5 lot as follows:

  • Lot 1: PPE - Headwear, Eyewear and Facewear, Hi Visibility Clothing, Ear Protection, Safety Footwear and Safety Gloves.

  • Lot 2: Clothing - PE Kits, Sports Clothing, Food Industry Clothing, Medical and Laboratory Clothing.

  • Lot 3: Uniforms - School Uniforms, Corporate Wear and Uniforms, Hair and Beauty Uniforms and Security Uniforms.

  • Lot 4: One Stop Shop - All suppliers awarded on this Lot have been awarded a place on Lot 1, 2 and 3.

  • Lot 5: First Aid - First Aid Kits and supplies, Eye and Burn Care, Health and Safety Gloves, Dressings and Wound Care, Bio Hazard and Hygiene and First aid Equipment.

Further details can be found by going to the CPC website or contacting Natasha Peacock on 0161 234 8003, or going to HE Contracts