COP26 - 3rd November 2021


COP26 - we look back at yesterday's highlights from the third day - Tuesday 2nd November 2021.

As we head into day 4 of COP26, announcements on methane reduction, protecting forests and accelerating green technology were key developments made yesterday at the summit.

The Glasgow Leaders' Declaration for Forest and Land Use has been endorsed by 114 work leaders including China, Russia and Brazil and commits to protecting forests and reversing land degradation by 2030. 105 countries, including 15 major emitters, signed up to the Global Methane Pledge - led by the US and the EU - which aims to limit methane emissions by 30% compared with 2020 levels. The Glasgow Breakthrough Agenda has been backed by 35 world leaders including India, the US and the EU which aims to scale up and speed up the development of clean technologies.


UKUPC DAY 3: See what University of Edinburgh have to say on their participation at COP26 and beyond...

The University of Edinburgh is committed to tackling the climate crisis through our research, teaching, industry and community partnerships and in the way we operate as an organisation. We're proud to be participating in over 70 events at COP26 to showcase our research on climate impact, mitigation and adaption and profile the many successful projects and partnerships we're involved in across the world.

Beyond COP26, our new Edinburgh Earth Initiative will act as a focal point for the University's world-leading teaching and research on climate, with an emphasis on supporting global partnerships to deliver climate solutions.
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