3D Printers, 3D Scanners and Associated Equipment Dynamic Purchasing System launched


NWUPC members can now access the APUC led Dynamic Purchasing System for 3D Printers, 3D Scanners and Associated Equipment. The DPS is open to members of APUC, HEPCW, LUPC, NEUPC, NWUPC and SUPC. This agreement started on the 10th January 2022 and will run for two years with two twelve-month extension periods available.

Launch brochure/webinar and interactive video:

As part of the launch of this agreement a webinar was held for members. Whilst the recording isn't available you can access a PDF brochure which you can download here. You can also access an interactive video below or use this link. Please use the arrows to move through to the next section or click directly on the required section of the video.
What is a Dynamic Purchasing System? 
A Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) is a completely electronic system used by a Contracting Authority (buyer) to purchase commonly used goods, works or services. Unlike a traditional framework, suppliers can apply to join at any time, so please check the up-to-date list of suppliers prior to conducting a call-off.  You can invite suppliers to apply to join the DPS through Public Contracts Scotland – Tender under PPQ code PPQ_5667. A guidance document for prospective suppliers is available in Appendix I. Institutions are encouraged to share this document with suppliers they are encouraging to join this DPS.

Scope of the DPS:

The scope includes: stereolithography printers, fused deposition modelling printers, selective laser sintering printers, polyJet printers, digital light processing printers, multi-jet fusion printers, direct metal laser sintering printers, electron beam melting printers, structured light scanners, laser scanners, LIDAR and associated accessories, software, and support/servicing.

Framework suppliers (appointed to the DPS at the point of issuing this communication are):

  • Abergower Ltd
  • Additive-X Ltd (formerly Express Group Ltd)
  • Central Scanning Ltd
  • Concurrent Design Ltd
  • CREAT3D Ltd
  • CREATE Education Project Ltd
  • Instant Makr Ltd
  • RS Components Ltd
  • TechSoft UK Ltd

This DPS offers the following benefits:

  • A pre-completed and compliant route to market providing a vehicle to centralise procurement spend
  • Mitigation of procurement risk surrounding EU Procurement
  • Reduction in administrative costs and efforts
  • Provides flexibility to Institutions to determine specific requirements of call-off contracts in line with the DPS specification
  • Effective reporting mechanism to obtain accurate, timely and relevant management information
  • Corporate Social Responsibility – adherence to minimum standards
  • Pre-defined and agreed terms and conditions
  • Shared risk and management of contractors

How do I call-off?

The DPS operates through a two-stage process, stage one is prequalification to be admitted to the DPS and this is conducted by APUC. Stage two is the award of individual contracts. Call-off is therefore by mini-competition only. 

There is a detailed User Guide on HEContracts with information on how to conduct a call-off including suggested tender questions and evaluation criteria available for your use.

For any questions or queries about this framework please contact Sarah Dye, NWUPC Laboratories Category Manager or call on 0161 234 8016.