Sustainable Procurement Group Member Area

The NWUPC Sustainable Procurement Group met for the last time in June 2015.  The group has been operational for three years and over that time has achieved many successes. We are now at a point where all the aims of the group have been met and a new direction required. With the attainment of Level 4 of the Flexible Framework it is no longer appropriate to view sustainability as a standalone subject and instead we are working to ensure it is embedded at every level of NWUPC. Therefore a member of each Commodity Group will be appointed to be responsible for sustainability and with support from the NWUPC ensure category specific matters are being discussed and passed back to the category managers.  The intention is that the sustainability representative will work within tender working party's to ensure relevant sustainability issues are built into the tender process.

An annual strategy meeting will be held consisting of Sustainable Procurement Group members and Commodity Group representatives.  


Documents relating to the NWUPC SPG are available to download but access to many is restricted to group members.