NWUPC is committed to creating Framework Agreements and contracts that promote ethical and sustainable procurement activity.  For NWUPC, Sustainable Procurement supports wider social, economic and environmental objectives in ways that offer real long term benefits and helps us to achieve our goal of delivering value for money for our membership.


NWUPC's members are at the core of our organisation and we are driven to ensure that our members Framework Agreements meet their requirements.  The responsibilities, targets and commitments of our members are reflected in the work that we do and our Sustainable Procurement Strategy.  


Our goal is to support our members to achieve value for money through sustainable collaborative procurement.


NWUPC's Sustainable Procurement Strategy has five key objectives to enable us to achieve our strategic goals:


1. People

Development procurement staff with an advanced level of sustainable procurement knowledge.


2. Policy

Implement policies where sustainability is embed and and which will facilitate sustainable procurement activities.


3. Process

Embed sustainability into all process and develop tools for a robust method of whole life costing.


4. Engagement

Engage with suppliers to ensure that the recognise that sustainability is key to all consortium activities.


5. Measurement and Results

Develop Supplier Engagement Tool to measure performance and produce targets and KPIs.


More information can be found in NWUPC's Sustainability Strategy and associated governance documents.


NWUPC Sustainable Procurement Group

NWUPC has a Sustainable Procurement Group that meets once a term and invites representatives from both the sustainability officers and procurement professionals of our member institutions.  The group is chaired by NWUPC's Sustainability Champion, Helen Dodd-Williams.

More information about the group is contained within the members area.