Contracting Updates


Audio Visual
Audio Visual Supply and Installation

Work has started on the renewal of the Audio Visual Supply and Installation Framework Agreement, by the time you read this the first tender working party meeting will have taken place. The strategy has been produced, and the Invitation to Tender documents are being drafted.

• Cleaning & Janitorial Supplies
Work continues apace on the renewal of this regional agreement.  The initial timeline has been subject to some delays with efforts continuing to ensure that the forthcoming agreement is best able to meet the needs of all stakeholders.

• Courier Services
The Courier, Parcel and International Mail Services agreement has been renewed and replaced by a Courier Services agreement.  The new lot structure is as follows:

Lot 1 – UK Domestic Courier Services
Lot 2 – International Courier Services
Lot 3 – Transport of Dangerous and Hazardous Goods

International Airmail has been removed from within the scope of the agreement.  The International Airmail Lot from the previous version of this agreement has been extended until February 2020 to allow the National Postal Working Party to develop a sector specific Postal Agreement which will ultimately incorporate this requirement. Please note that there are suppliers with outstanding non-compliance who are yet to be awarded to the agreement. 

• Plumbing, Sanitary and Heating Equipment, Supplies and Associated Services
Work has commenced on the renewal of the NWUPC Plumbing agreement, the Tender Working Party is planned to meet at the beginning of October.

• Electronic Components
The Electronic Components and Associated Products tender has now been advertised. This Framework is being retendered 11 months early due to feedback from members. The new Lot structure is as follows:

Lot 1 – Electronic Components including Development Boards and Associated Products
Lot 2 – Tools and Fixings
Lot 3 – Test and Measurement Equipment
Lot 4 – Batteries
Lot 5 – Multi-purpose Lot

The new Agreement is due to start on 1st December 2019.

Office Solutions
• Office, Computer and Library Supplies
The National Framework went live on 1st August 2019.  This was split into three lots in a similar format to the previous iteration. The LUPC Framework is live until 31st October to allow for transition onto the new Framework.   The awarded was as follows:

Lot 1  - Office, Computer & Library Supplies:  BT1 Saving 5%
Banner Group Ltd
Lyreco UK Ltd
Office Depot UK Ltd
Staples UK Ltd

Lot 2 - Computer Supplies:  BT1 Saving 14%
ACS Business Supplies
Commercial Ltd
Officexpress Ltd

Lot 3 - Library Supplies:  BT1 Saving 2%
Demco Europe Ltd

• IT Related Accessories and Parts (ITRAP)
Work is underway on the renewal of this SUPC led agreement. The agreement is due to go live 1st February 2020 and will run concurrently with the existing agreement for four months.  The structure of the agreement will mirror that of the current agreement, comprising of a single product lot. New areas incorporated into the agreement include virtual reality technology and telecoms equipment (in light of the discontinuation of the NWUPC led Telecoms Equipment Framework). 

New Agreements

• Recycling Bins and Street
The renewed Recycling Bins and Street Furniture Agreement is live from 1st October 2019.  The lotting structure follows that of the current agreement;
Lot 1 - Recycling Bins
Lot 2 - Street Furniture

Further information on the scope, awarded suppliers and calling off from the agreement is available on HEContracts

Gas Equipment Maintenance & Repair Services Agreement
The new Gas Equipment Maintenance & Repair Services Agreement is now live and commenced on the 1st August 2019. This is now a national agreement with a number of regionalised Lots available. Further details are available on HEContracts 

Portable Appliance Testing Agreement
The new Portable Appliance Testing Agreement is now live and commenced on the 1st August 2019 for Lots 1 and 2 and the 6th August 2019 for Lot 3. This has been split into three Lots covering the following regions England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, further details are available on HEContracts

Fixed Wire Testing Agreement
The new Fixed Wire Testing Agreement is now live and commenced the 13th August 2019. This has been split into two Lots covering England, Northern Ireland and Wales and also Scotland, further details are available on HEContracts

Signs and Signage Agreement
The new Signs and Signage agreement led by NEUPC commenced the 1st September 2019. This now covers one lot for the provision of signs and signage products. Further details are available on HEContracts

High Value Laboratory Equipment
The High Value Laboratory Agreement has now being awarded and started on the 1st August 2019. There have been a number of areas of non-compliance which NWUPC have being working through. Full details are available on HEContracts 

Professional Services
• Financial Services Agreement
The Financial Services Agreement is now live and started on the 1st August 2019. NWUPC are working through a number of non-compliance matters. These conversations are ongoing and are of high priority.

Travel and Student Travel Services Framework Agreement
The new Travel and Student Travel Services Framework Agreement is now live and started on 18th August 2019. Full details are available on HEContracts


Shared Datacentre (JISC)
JISC are in the process of invoking the next five-year term on this agreement with Virtus. Further information will be available on HEContracts when this process is completed.

Forthcoming Agreements

Window Cleaning
NWUPC are joining the next iteration of the NEUPC regional Window Cleaning Agreement.  The documents for the retender are now available to the market.  The process has enjoyed active tender working party participation from NWUPC members.


NWUPC news

Staff News
We welcome Paul McGurk to the team who has joined us as our new Contracts Support Officer.

We also sadly have to say goodbye to Jane Edwards our Senior Category Manager who is leaving after 12 years at NWUPC for pastures new. We wish her all the best in her new role as Category Manager at CPC. 

Category Groups
The autumn term schedule of meetings commenced in September, with Professional Services being the first meeting held at University of Central Lancashire. The group received a very informative presentation from Uniac. The Heads of Procurement Category Group met at Queens University Belfast at the end of September. It was a glorious day in a beautiful setting.

The remaining Category Group meetings are due to be interesting and informative with a number of presentations planned from key suppliers.  The Estates Category Group are due to meet on 23rd October, and will receive presentations from the suppliers on the newly awarded Gas maintenance & repair service agreement.

• Details of the remaining autumn term Category Group meetings are as follows

Audio Visual Wed 13 Nov 2019 University of Liverpool
Computer Fri 8 Nov 2019 Edge Hill University
Domestic Wed 16 Oct 19 Royal Northern College of Music
Estates Wed 23 Oct 2019 University of Chester
Laboratory Wed 20 Nov 2019 Manchester Metropolitan University
Telecommunications Fri 29 Nov2019 University of Bolton
Travel Wed 4 Dec 2019 Liverpool John Moores University


• The 2020 Category Group meeting schedule has been agreed and circulated, details for the year can be found below.

Audio Visual Wed 29 Jan 2020 The University of Manchester
Catering Wed 22 Jan 2020 Bako Preston
Computer Fri 14 Feb 2020 University of Wolverhampton
Domestic Wed 5 Feb 2020 University of Salford
E-Market place Wed 12 Feb 2020 Staffordshire University
Estates Wed 26 Feb 2020 University of Central Lancashire
Furniture Fri 20 Mar 2020 University of Salford
Heads of Procurement Wed 15 Jan 2020 University of Chester
Laboratory Wed 4 Mar 2020 Edge Hill University
Library Services Fri 24 Jan 2020 University of Cumbria
Office Solutions Fri 6 Mar 2020 University of Chester
Professional Services Fri 27 Mar 2020 Liverpool Hope University
Telecommunications Fri 13 Mar 2020 University of Liverpool

A review of the Category Group processes is currently underway and all Category Group members have been asked the following questions:

  • Do you benefit from being a category group member?
  • Would you like to see any changes within the category group structure or processes?
  • Would it be beneficial to have an additional category group representative(s) from your University?
  • What challenges or obstacles do you face as a category group member

Further information regarding the results of the review will be shared later in the year.  Anyone wanting to contribute or provide information to support the review please contact Ayoade Onireti, Ayoade.onireti@manchester.ac.uk 


NWUPC Membership news
We are pleased to announce a new associate member, Science & Technology Facilities Council (STFC). STFC are a world-leading multi-disciplinary science organisation. They work closely with universities and support university-based research, innovation and skills development in astronomy, particle physics, nuclear physics, and space science. Working with partners to build National Science and Innovation Campuses based around their National Laboratories to promote academic and industrial collaboration and translation of our research to market through direct interaction with industry. Supporting an academic community of around 1,700 in particle physics, nuclear physics, and astronomy including space science, who work at more than 50 universities and research institutes in the UK, Europe, Japan and the United States, including a rolling cohort of more than 900 PhD students. With a campus is Daresbury, Cheshire which offers a cluster of technological expertise that underpins and ties together diverse research fields. Further information can be found at https://stfc.ukri.org/about-us/what-we-do 

Sector news
• New LUPC eProcurement System Framework
The New LUPC eProcurement System Framework is now available on HEC and Hunter. This fills the gap in the market with an agreement available to all UK University Purchasing Consortia members which is both HE specific and EU-compliant. For further details please follow this link.


Annual Conference / Upcoming Events


COUP 2019
NEUPC hosted COUP in early September at the University of Leicester. It was a great event spread over 2 days culminating in the first Coup Procurement Awards. Congratulations to Queen’s University Belfast for winning the Outstanding University Procurement Team Award. Can we also say a big thankyou from the team at NWUPC who did attend to NEUPC for hosting such a fabulous event. More information about the event and pictures from the day can be found here.

TEC Annual Conference 2019
TEC have announced the new date for their CPD Accredited Energy and Education Conference celebrating 25 years of TEC Energy! It will take place on Thursday 5th of December in Birmingham at the Repertory Theatre on Broad Street, further details can be found on the TEC website or for general enquiries please email enquiries@tec.ac.uk 




An interview with...

Paul McGurk - Contracts Support Officer

• What does your typical day look like at NWUPC?
I make breakfast and catch up on the news before starting work. My work is varied as it involves supporting the Contracting Team with administrative tasks, so I always have several things on the go at once, of varying priorities. I am quite new so at the moment I am learning on the job, thankfully the team are very approachable and patient with my queries. Today I have been focusing on adding spend charts and tables for a Category Update meeting.

• What is your favourite part of your role at NWUPC?
I would have to choose several things and not just one: I like that the work is varied; that I can use my brain; I feel I can add value; and that the team is cooperative.

• Is there anything you are excited to be working on?
I get fairly excited about spend reports – making them accurate, meaningful and presentable.

• A fun fact about me that you might not know is…
I can speak Russian (though I’m pretty rusty by now).

• What would your perfect weekend consist of?
A lie in until 8am, coffee in bed, out on the bicycle by 9, stopping mid-day in a picturesque village for lunch before cycling home for 5pm, a bath for my weary legs followed by a home cooked meal and a movie. The same again on Sunday.

• What would you take with you on a deserted island that you couldn’t manage without?
A solar-powered laptop with a satellite broadband connection.

• Next thing on your bucket list...?
To cycle a stage of the Tour de France.

• Poppadom or Bread?

• What is your favourite chocolate bar?
Lindt Dark Chocolate, at least 85% cocoa.



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