JUNE 2019
Contracting Updates


Audio Visual
• Photographic Equipment
The tender renewal is underway with work in progress on the product basket and the tender documents. It is still in the early stages with a go-live date scheduled for December.

• Electronic Components (NUWPEC)
The first draft of the tender documents has been sent to the Tender Working Party for review. NWUPC are hoping to advertise on 26th June 2019 with an Agreement start date of 1st November 2019.

• Recycling Bins & Street Furniture
The contract notice has been published and the tender documents for the renewal of this agreement are accessible on the NWUPC In-tend portal with a closing date of 14th June 2019.  The agreement follows the same lotting structure and the current agreement: Lot 1 - Recycling Bins, Lot 2 - Street Furniture.  The new agreement will be in place in line with the expiration of the existing agreement at the end of September.

• Cleaning & Janitorial Supplies
Work is underway on the renewal of this widely utilised agreement.  The Tender Working Party have met to discuss the strategy and work is currently ongoing on the draft tender documentation. 

• Furniture
The new agreement has commenced on the 1st May 2019. Further details of this agreement are available on HE Contracts. The current Furniture agreement is still available and expires 31st July 2019 therefore there is an overlap of the two agreements until this expiry. 

• Portable Applicance (PAT) and Fixed Wire (FWT) Testing
Tender returns for this agreement closed on the 14th May, therefore the tender is currently in the evaluation stage, and commencement of the new agreement will be the 1st July 2019.

• Gas Equipment Maintenance and Repairs
The Contract Notice has been published and the tender documents for the renewal of this agreement are accessible on the NWUPC In-tend portal with a closing date of 10th June 2019. The agreement has now been let nationally with 28 lots covering 14 regions. The new agreement will commence the 1st August 2019. 

• Signs and Signage
Tender returns for this agreement closed on the 7th May, therefore the tender is currently in the evaluation stage and is due to commence towards the end of June.

• Plumbing, Sanitary and Heating Equipment, Supplies and Associated Services
Work on the retender is underway and a Tender Working Party is looking to be created for this retender. If anybody would like to be part of this Tender Working Party please contact Natasha at natasha.peacock@manchester.ac.uk.

The High Value Laboratory Equipment retender is well under way. The Invitation to Tender has been drafted, and the Framework Agreement was advertised on the 9th May for return mid-June. In just over the space of a few days since advertising we have already received over 35 expressions of interest.
This new agreement will be one large agreement incorporating all of the current 7 HVLE agreement areas along with the addition of a number of new areas put forward by the sector and potential suppliers. 

• Laboratory Chemicals and Consumables
This agreement is currently in the process of being retendered and was advertised on the 8th April 2019. Return for submissions is the 28th June 2019, with the agreement to be in place for the 1st September 2019.
In the interim, SUPC are approaching all of the incumbent suppliers to request a 3 month extension to the current arrangements, to ensure continuity of supply. Detail of which will be circulated shortly.

Office Solutions
• Office, Computer and Library Supplies
The new Framework is scheduled to be live on 1st August 2019.  This is the renewal of the National Framework previously lead by LUPC and which NWUPC are taking forward for the new version.  The tender opportunity was advertised during April and May and the deadline for submissions was 20th May.  The evaluation work is now underway with a completion date of 20th June when standstill will commence. 

• Data Centre Management
Work is underway on the replacement iteration of this agreement.  The strategy has been issued to the Tender Working Party and agreed.  Work is underway on the tender documents.  The new agreement will commence at the expiration of the current agreement at the end of September.

• IT Related Accessories and Parts (ITRAP)
Though the agreement is due to expire in May 2020, SUPC have brought forward the retender process due to the coinciding expiration of a number of agreements in this category area.  The new agreement is therefore due to be in place for January 2020.  As such, SUPC are looking for volunteers to participate in the Tender Working Party.  If you are interested please contact sarah.dye@manchester.ac.uk.



New Agreements

Audio Visual
• Broadcast
The broadcast tender for Broadcast Equipment and Integration Services, is in the final stages with the new agreement to be in place as of the 1st July.

• Freight and Haulage Services DPS
NEUPC have commenced a DPS for the:
Lot 1- Exhibition Freight Services
Lot 2- Non-exhibition Freight Services
The agreement is geared towards freight services for international student recruitment fairs and covers a fully managed service for equipment and promotional material transportation, with the inclusion of storage within the scope.  Lot 2 has all freight and haulage requirements outside of the exhibition freights specialism. HEContracts will be updated as companies are approved.  NEUPC will be holding open days to promote the DPS and are actively engaging with the British Council.

• Molecular Biology Services
This agreement has now been awarded by NEUPC. The agreement is split into 5 lots as follows:
Lot 1: Next Generation Sequencing Services
Lot 2: Sanger Sequencing Services
Lot 3: Genotyping Services
Lot 4: DNA/RNA Extraction Services
Lot 5: Oligonucleotides
The agreement commenced on the 6rd March 2019 and runs for 2 years with the option to extend for 2 one year periods.

Professional Services
• Financial Services
Mid-June will see the end of the evaluation period with a go-live date set for August.


NWUPC news

Staff News
NWUPC is happy to announce the recruitment of our new Category Group Coordinator, Ayoade Onireti.  Ayo joined NWUPC in April and has been attending the summer term meetings and meeting with our Category Group members. 

Sadly, Ruth Allen our Contracts Support Officer will be leaving us this month and interviews are taking place for her replacement.

Category Groups

• The remaining Summer term Category Group meetings have been scheduled as follows; 

Audio Visual 12/06/19 Keele University
Heads of Procurement 26/06/19 Keele University
Professional Services 14/06/19 University of Liverpool
Telecommunications  28/06/19 Bangor University
Travel 27/06/19 The University of Manchester
Library Services 12/07/19 Edge Hill University


• Computing The Computing group visited Lancaster University in May, Matt Storey took on a dual role as chair and host.  The group received a presentation on the innovations in place at Lancaster University in relation to the use of Alexa, this was an extremely interesting and informative session.

• Domestics – The Domestics group were guests of Liverpool Hope University in May.  This saw Emily Taylor, The University of Manchester, take on the role of chair and Rich Yoxall, Manchester Metropolitan University, take on the role of Deputy Chair.  The group received a presentation from Bec Bennet, University of Salford, on the Green Impact Programme and were also fortunate enough to receive a tour of the residences at Liverpool Hope University.

• Estates – The group visited University of Cumbria for the May meeting, where they welcomed new representative for Cumbria, Dan Jones. The group received a presentation from Procure Northwest.

• Furniture The Furniture group met in Staffordshire University in March. The group received updated information and progress report on the new tender. This was the last meeting for chair, Kathy Houghton of Liverpool John Moores University who was stepping down from the position of chair and also the group after a significant numbers of years as her institutions representative. The group thanked her for all her support, time and commitment to the group over the years.

• Laboratory – The Laboratory group were guests of University of Worcester in May.  They received information and presentation from Haier Biomedical, designer and manufacturer of laboratory equipment.

• Telecommunications – The group visited Harper Adams University in March, and welcomed the new Harper Adams University representative, Shaun Hoofe.  He will be replacing Martyn Reid who retired in May, the group wished Martyn the best of wishes in his retirement.

Sector news

• eTendering Project
The project has now closed. LUPC have received 6 bids. Evaluation is ongoing and LUPC are hoping to award on 14/06/2019 with an Agreement start date of 1st July 2019. For more information please contact Darran Whatley @ D.Whatley@lupc.ac.uk.



Training and Events


NWUPC Training Sessions

You invested in us.  Now we're investing in you!

So far the joint sessions we have been running with NEUPC have been a great success for our members. We are down to the final 2 of the 11 we are running. Remember each session is open to all members but depending on where you are travelling from to attend at either Manchester or Leeds.  HEPA have been involved in the planning of this training programme.

What's on?

Topic Trainer Manchester (TUCO
(NEUPC Offices)
Contracting for Services Tenet Education Services 20/06/19 25/06/19
Category Management Debbie Shore & Mark Hayter NEUPC  Helen Dodd-Williams NWUPC 18/07/19 4/07/19


How much does it cost? – All courses are offered free of charge, however we have introduced a small conditional cancellation fee to make sure that as many people as possible can attend. Initially we will limit to two places per member on as first come, first served basis but we will take additional names in case places become available as a result of cancellation or if we decide to repeat the course at a later date due to high demand.

Who is it for?– Our training programme is available to all members of NWUPC and NEUPC. We want to make sure that support and guidance is available to everybody with some responsibility for procurement within our membership. Whether you are new to our procurement community or a seasoned practitioner, you will find something to help you in your procurement journey.

How to book? All booking enquiries should go to David McIntyre at david.mcintyre@manchester.ac.uk Your contact for NWUPC general queries is David McIntyre at david.mcintyre@manchester.ac.uk Your contact for NEUPC general queries is Laura Atkins at l.atkins@neupc.ac.uk 


NWUPC Annual Conference 2019
We’d like to say thank you to all the delegates and suppliers who attended this year’s Annual Conference at the University of Manchester. It was a great day with a wide variety of suppliers being able to interact with our members from all over the North West. We’d also like to thank all the speakers for their interesting presentations over the day. If you would like a copy of any the speakers presentations they can be found at Presentations. We’ve received a lot of feedback from the event which will be using constructively towards next years event. The £25 M&S Gift card prize for completing the feedback survey was won by Charlotte Hardman of the University of Manchester.

We’d also like to congratulate Leanne Horton of UCLAN again for winning the Outstanding Contribution to Collaborative Procurement Prize. 



COUP 2019

The next COUP will be held from the 3rd to the 6th of September 2019 at the University of Leicester and will be hosted by NEUPC. The theme of the Conference is Mission Ready: HE Procurement for the Next Generation. This year speakers include - Professor Brian Cox, Dr. Kevin Fong, Suzie Imber and Maggie Aderin-Pocock. For further information please go to https://www.neupc.ac.uk/news/item/coup2019 or email events@neupc.ac.uk

TEC Annual Conference 2019

TEC (The Energy Consortium) have announced that they have had to postpone their Annual Conference in June this year. They have made the decision to postpone the event until November but have not released further details. Please email enquiries@tec.ac.uk if you have any further enquiries about the postponement. As soon as new details come in for the November Conference we will put these up on our website.

For more details go to http://tec.ac.uk/events/98 




An interview with...

Dominique Deveroux, Business Administrator at NWUPC

• What does your typical day look like at NWUPC?
I typically start the day with a coffee, I will respond to my emails and prepare for the day by setting up the meeting rooms. My schedule is quite varied, providing support for both the administration and contracting team. I am currently finalising the current quarter agendas for the category group meetings.

• What is your favourite part of your role at NWUPC?
I enjoy Category Group meetings as we have the opportunity to communicate and engage with our members face to face and I like that my role involves helping them with any queries that they may have.

• Is there anything you are excited to be working on?
I am excited to be planning our new Library category group meetings as it introduces us to new representatives and opportunities.

• A fun fact about me that you might not know is…
I was a child model.

• What would your perfect weekend consist of?
I would start by hopping on a plane to a sunny country and spending my weekend sunbathing and reading on the beach.

• What would you take with you on a deserted island that you couldn’t manage without?
My cat…he follows me everywhere!

• Next thing on your bucket list...?
I would like to volunteer at the Big Cat Sanctuary in South Africa with the Lions and Tigers.

• Poppadom or Bread?

• What is your favourite chocolate bar?
I can’t pick a favourite, I like them all!



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