Contracting Updates

General updates

Audio Visual

Audio Visual review meetings were held in November with an emphasis on sustainability and for suppliers to be continuously updating their NetPositive action plans. Furthermore, members’ feedback was provided to the suppliers with a number of actions to be undertaken.
Photographic review meetings are currently in the process of being scheduled for the 19th February, if you have any feedback on this agreement please email Jane Edwards at jane.edwards@manchester.ac.uk

Apple Equipment review meetings were held with all suppliers at the end of 2018.  Prior to the review meetings, the review group met with the Apple Supplier Responsibility Team to discuss their Supplier Responsibility Programme.

Cleaning and Janitorial Supplies review meetings will be held with all suppliers on the week commencing 18th February.  A survey will be distributed shortly to gain feedback for this. Work is planned to begin shortly on the retender.  A Tender Working Party has been formed.

Plumbing, Sanitary and Heating Equipment review meetings were held with all Framework suppliers towards the end of January 2019. Members are invited to provide feedback on this agreement.

Godfrey Syrett, an awarded supplier on both the NWUPC Furniture agreement and the NEUPC Furniture Supply and Installation agreement, have now gone into administration. KPMG have been appointed as administrators. Members, will be notified once further communication has been received from KPMG, please contact Natasha Peacock for any further information. natasha.peacock@manchester.ac.uk

Jane Edwards and Rikaya Knott took the opportunity to undertake a site visit at the RS Component Nuneaton distribution facility including a tour of the operations. October 2018 saw the installation of a new packaging machine which eliminates the need for extra internal packaging within the boxes. Hopefully this is something you have noticed if you order from them. Further details were published in the recent ECOnnect newsletter.

The High Value Laboratory Agreements are in the process of being extended into their final year to run until the summer of 2019.  The majority of the suppliers across the seven framework agreements have returned their signed letters with further letters to follow.  Review meetings have taken place and updated contact details added to HEC.

Office Solutions
Review meetings were recently held with all the suppliers to the Paper, Print and Specialist Framework Agreement. Discussions centred around the volatility of pricing within their industry and the impact on pricing for members.  Price increases with some suppliers have been agreed with the advantage that the prices cannot increase during the potentially uncertain period of Brexit.


Future and potential agreements

Audio Visual

• Broadcast Equipment, Supply & Integration
Work is underway developing the specifications together. The agreement will consist of 8 lots including Audio, Vision, Lighting Equipment and Integration.


• Cleaning Equipment
The tender for the new Cleaning Equipment Framework has now closed and the evaluation completed. The standstill period is currently underway. The agreement will commence on 1st March 2019 and covers equipment supply and maintenance. There is a single, national equipment supply lot and regional maintenance lots.

• Recycling Bins & Street Furniture
Work has commenced on the renewal of the Recycling Bins and Street Furniture National agreement.  The first Tender Working Party was held on the 1st February 2019.  A Prior Information Notice (PIN) has been published to engage with the market.

Estates & Facilities Management

• Portable Appliance (PAT) & Fixed Wire (FWT) Testing. 
NWUPC are currently in the process of extending this agreement to the 30th June 2019. Work is underway on the tender documents for this agreement and we will send the strategy to the Estates group as a whole for feedback.

• Gas Equipment Maintenance & Repair Services
NWUPC are currently in the process of extending this agreement to the 31st July 2019. A Prior Information Notice (PIN) has been published to engage with the market and the strategy is currently being formed.

• Furniture
Publication of the tender documents for this agreement are due at the end of February. Final feedback from the Tender Working Party will be received before publication, with an aim to award and commence the agreement at the beginning of May.


• High Value Laboratory Equipment
Work is underway for the new HVLE framework agreement. Following the recent National Working Party meeting it has been decided to combine the 7 current agreements into one large agreement with the addition of a number of new areas. These have been highlighted by members, further market engagement is currently underway. A Prior Information Notice (PIN) was issued before Christmas including a link to a survey to gather further information from the market for other potential product areas to be included.

Office Solutions

• Office, Computer and Library Supplies
The retender of the new Framework is underway and the Tender Working Party have reviewed the strategy document and held their first meeting.  The Framework has been successful and delivered its main objectives so the structure will be kept largely the same. Extra emphasis will be placed on Sustainable Procurement, Supply Chains and Social Value.  The new Framework will begin on 1st August 2019.

• Promotional Merchandise
Evaluation of the Framework has now been completed and a recommendation sent to the Tender Working Party for approval.  Standstill will now begin and the new Framework will start on 1st March 2019.

Professional Services
The general strategy for Financial Services has been completed and work will now be done with focus on pre-market engagement including: Prior Information Notice (PIN), supplier survey and a webinar. The main elements of this agreement include Audit Services, Accountancy, Taxation and other potential areas to be discussed at the upcoming Tender Working Party meeting. 


NWUPC news

Staff news
We welcome Francesca Waring to the team who has joined as Administration Support to the office. Jane Billows has taken on an even wider role becoming the Head of Membership and Corporate Services whilst David McIntyre has moved from his role as Contracts Support Officer to become the new Communications Officer for NWUPC.

Category Groups

• The Category Group meetings have commenced for the winter term with 5 still upcoming. 

Estates 27/2/19 Glyndwr University
Office Solutions 01/3/19 University of Central Lancashire
Laboratory  06/3/19 Air Liquide site visit
Telecommunications  15/3/19 Harper Adams University
Furniture 22/3/19 Staffordshire University


• Audio Visual – In November, The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts hosted their first Category Group meeting, in line with their specialism the Audio Visual group were the guests.  This was a very well attended meeting, with new members joining the group in person from Manchester Metropolitan University, The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts and University of Liverpool. Ulster University attended via video conference call.  The group received a presentation from GV Multimedia and were also given a tour of The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts facilities, which was very well received by the group members.


• Computing  The Computing group met at the University of Bolton in November.  As part of the sustainable procurement update, the group received a very informative presentation from Sarah Dye on the new types of sustainable packaging that some companies are using as part of the NDNA agreement. Sarah showed the group how Lenovo utilise thermoformed cushions made from scrap foam and how Dell are using innovative solutions for packaging materials such as bamboo as an alternative to moulded paper pulp, with a mushroom based cushion as an alternative to petroleum based foams.

• Domestics – The group last met at Manchester Metropolitan University in October.  A new item was included on the agenda for this meeting, and all members were asked to provide an individual update on their contracting areas in the next 12 months.  This proved to be a very interesting and informative part of the meeting and a great opportunity to share experiences and knowledge.  This was also the last meeting for the Deputy Chair, Jacquie Gaffney, University of Chester, who was due to leave the University in December to take up a position at CCS. The group wished Jacquie best wishes for the future and good luck in her new role

• Estates – Another first as host for a meeting; the Heads of Procurement group were guests of University of Wolverhampton, the NWUPC’s newest member.  This was another really well attended meeting and the group welcomed Manchester Metropolitan University’s new representative, Steve Everitt. The group received presentations from Staffordshire University, University of Wolverhampton and University of Cumbria and had a number of interesting discussion areas.

• Head of Procurement the group are due to receive an update on the Sustainable Furniture Project at Keele University from Huw Evans.

• Laboratory – The Laboratory group were guests of Liverpool’s School of Tropical Medicine in November.   Following the meeting, the group were very fortunate to receive a tour of the vivarium and a demonstration of venom extraction. 

• Professional Services – The first meeting of the winter term was held at The University of Manchester.  This was another well attended meeting. The group took this opportunity to review the format, membership and overall purpose of the group and considered a number of options for the future structure of the group. There was a presentation from Steve Davies, NPG Limited, on the CPC agreement for Employee Screening Services.

• Telecommunications – The group were guests of Glyndŵr University in November.  A presentation was received from Focus Group and the afternoon session was dedicated to a discussion and presentation from BT which was well received. 

• Travel  The last Category Group meeting of 2018 was held at Staffordshire University in December.  The focus of the meeting was the progress of the work on the retender.  The group were provided with a presentation from the Dawes Group.

Sector news

• Consortia Information Systems Strategy Group (CISSG)
The group has been established to review the current technology/systems landscape and explore opportunities for its member bodies to work collaboratively on the use of technology/information systems at a national, inter regional level or local consortia. The group are currently looking into  e-tendering systems and a working group has been established to progress this, LUPC are leading on this. Spend analysis is also being examined by the group with SUPC leading on this.



Training and Events


NWUPC Training Sessions
NEUPC and NWUPC are pleased to announce our joint training programme available to all of our members. Having listened to your feedback, we have created a training programme that we hope meets your needs and covers a wide range of procurement topics. Recognising the support that you give to our consortia, this programme is offered free of charge (terms and conditions apply), and we are sure that it will help you excel in your procurement roles. Each session is open to all members depending on where you are travelling from to attend at either Manchester or Leeds.  HEPA have been involved in the planning of this training programme.

What's on?

Topic Trainer Manchester (TUCO
(NEUPC Offices)
Contract Law Fundamentals Weightmans LLP 19/2/19 15/2/19
NEC v JCT - 1/2 Day AM Weightmans LLP 13/3/19 20/3/19
NEC3/NEC4 - 1/2 Day PM Weightmans LLP 13/3/19 20/3/19
EU Procurement Rules Achilles 29/4/19 24/4/19
Key issues in Major Construction Projects - 1/2 day AM Cordie 9/5/19 14/5/19
Managing Risk in Construction Projects - 1/2 day PM Cordie 9/5/19 14/5/19
Embedding Responsible Procurement Helen Dodd-Williams and Net Positive Futures 22/5/19 21/5/19
Contracting for Services Tenet Education Services 20/6/19 25/6/19
Category Management Debbie Shore & Mark Hayter NEUPC  Helen Dodd-Williams NWUPC 18/7/19 4/7/19


How much does it cost? – All courses are offered free of charge, however we have introduced a small conditional cancellation fee to make sure that as many people as possible can attend. Initially we will limit to two places per member on as first come, first served basis but we will take additional names in case places become available as a result of cancellation or if we decide to repeat the course at a later date due to high demand.

Who is it for?– Our training programme is available to all members of NWUPC and NEUPC. We want to make sure that support and guidance is available to everybody with some responsibility for procurement within our membership. Whether you are new to our procurement community or a seasoned practitioner, you will find something to help you in your procurement journey.

How to book? All booking enquiries should go to David McIntyre at david.mcintyre@manchester.ac.uk Your contact for NWUPC general queries is David McIntyre at david.mcintyre@manchester.ac.uk Your contact for NEUPC general queries is Laura Atkins at l.atkins@neupc.ac.uk 


NWUPC Annual Conference 2019
Following the success of our Annual Conference last year, we are delighted to announce that we will be returning to The University of Manchester for our 2019 Conference in April.

The Conference will take place on Thursday the 18th April at University Place on the busy Oxford Road campus. The theme for the 2019 Conference will be Procure, Protect and Empower; Responsible Procurement through Managing Risk and Embedding Resilience. We are currently working on further details for the Conference and planning the programme for the day. Details of which will be available very shortly.


COUP 2019
The next COUP will be held from the 3rd to the 6th of September 2019 at the University of Leicester and will be hosted by NEUPC. The theme of the Conference is Mission Ready: HE Procurement for the Next Generation. For further information and to register, please contact Amanda Snowdon on events@neupc.ac.uk




An interview with...

David McIntyre - Communications Officer

• What does your typical day look like at NWUPC?
It’s stimulating and diverse every day, through my provision of a supportive role to the Head of Contracting and Contracting Team onto my new role as Communications Officer. Different areas of my work include administration, data entry and IT support. I also regularly support suppliers and external customers within the multiple aspects of NWUPC and its operations.

• What is your favourite part of your role at NWUPC?
Working alongside the Category Managers helping them with their Frameworks and now with Andy, Jane and Maggie hopefully offering them the same sort of support in Communications.

• Is there anything you are excited to be working on?
There are many parts of my role I enjoy. I’m currently helping Julie-Ann (the NWUPC Managing Director) set up training courses for our Members in the coming year. I’m also about to start work with Andy on the upcoming Annual Conference for NWUPC.  This will involve lots of interaction with members, suppliers and the staff at The University of Manchester then tying it all together to make a great Conference.

• A fun fact about me that you might not know is…
I’m scared of heights but really want to go skydiving.

• What would your perfect weekend consist of?
Sleeping in until 10, then going trampolining and swimming with my kids. Later meeting with friends to watch football and then seeing a band.  Then doing it all over again Sunday.

• What would you take with you on a deserted island that you couldn’t manage without?
A way of listening to music and headphones (and some sort of solar panel to power them so they don’t run out on the first day).

• Next thing on your bucket list...?
I’m hoping to go skydiving in the next year before I turn 40, I’ve always wanted to do it but never got round to it.

• What is your favourite chocolate bar?
My favourite chocolate bar is a Wispa.



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