MARCH 2018
Contracting Updates

General updates
NWUPC have been compiling ERDF Packs for all our Frameworks. These packs contain all the documentation generated during the tender process. We have utilised a check list provided by ERDF in a previous audit to gather all the relevant information typically required. Should you require any information from us to support an audit please let us know and the pack will be sent to you.

• Collaborative Spend Reporting
NWUPC are implementing a new process to ensure that we verify spend information reported by suppliers more expediently. The data reported will be sent to Heads of Procurement and Group Members on a quarterly basis. The report will be personalised to your Institution and streamlined to ensure it is easy to check. We will then work with suppliers to correct any discrepancies and ensure that your collaborative spend is reported accurately.  The first report will be emailed to you by the end of March.

NWUPC are conducting research around institutional arrangements for the re-use and recycling of bedding, mattresses and other discarded items in university residential accommodation.  This was instigated by commonly identified problem items such as duvets, knives, foodstuff and clothing across member institutions.  Work is ongoing to identify best practice solutions along with potential alternative arrangements and information sharing.

If you would like to contribute to this process, please contact Sarah Dye [email protected] 

• Soft Furnishings, Associated Products and Services
Please note the new framework agreement for Soft Furnishings, Associated Products and Services has been awarded and is due to start on the 1st March 2018. The agreement runs until the 28th February 2021, with an option to extend until the 28th February 2022.

The agreement is broken down into three lots as follows:
Lot 1: Bedding and Bathroom Textiles and Associated Student Accommodation Products
Lot 2: Student Kitchen Starter Packs
Lot 3: Window Coverings

Lot 1 and 2 is open to students, for purchases where the institutions wish to work with the suppliers to promote the agreement. Lot 3 can be used by third party contractors where an institution wishes to promote the agreement. Further details can be found in the buyers’ guide regarding the above.

Full details of the award including a buyers’ guide will be available on HEC.

• Printers and Managed Print Services (NEPA) Including MFDs
This agreement is in the process of being extended for the first of the two available 12 month periods, the new Contract end date will be the end of March 2019.
Insight UK are now an approved reseller for HP under lot 1 (Non Managed Print Equipment) of the NEPA framework agreement (ITS 2003NE)

• IT Related Accessories & Parts (ITRAP)
The extension period for ITRAP, due to expire on 31st May 2018, has been invoked by the working party and the agreement has been extended for two years. The framework will now expire on 31st May 2020.

• Desktops and Notebooks (NDNA)
HP recently announced a further battery recall as publicised in both the press and the HP site. HP is in the process of proactively contacting those customers affected. Lenovo initiated a small-scale X1 recall. Lenovo have notified all NDNA partners of the resolution process including relevant Serial Numbers and respective Universities.

• Networking – Supply & Services ITS2001 NE
Work is underway on the re-tender. The current framework agreement has been extended until 30th April 2018.

• NWUPC Furniture Framework
The NWUPC Furniture Framework is due to end 31st December 2018 therefore work has started on the re-tender of the Framework which will be available by 1st January 2019.

I would be grateful if you or your colleague(s) can compete the below survey by Friday 16th March 2018.

Please contact Laura Hough ([email protected]) if you have any questions.

• Gas Equipment Maintenance & Repair Services
T Jolly announced they are unable to service equipment greater than 500 kW rated input; therefore they have been removed from Lot 3 - Non Domestic Equipment greater than 500 kW rated input of the Gas Equipment Maintenance & Repair Services Framework.  Please note T Jolly will remain on Lots 1 - Domestic Equipment less than 70 kW rated input and Lot 2 - Non Domestic Equipment 70 kW to 500 kW rated input.

As there are no other suppliers on Lot 3 - Non Domestic Equipment greater than 500 kW gated input, Lot 3 will be removed from the Gas Equipment Maintenance & Repair Services Framework.
HEC and the Buyers’ Guide is due to be updated.  Please contact Laura Hough ([email protected])  if you have any questions.

• Electrical Materials & Associated Products
The new Electrical Materials & Associated Products Framework is now available to members.  This is a two-year Framework (until 31st January 2020) with the option to extend for a further two one year extensions.  

Further details and the Buyers’ Guide can be found on HEC.

• Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) & Fixed Wire Testing (FWT)
NWUPC are pleased to announce that OCS have provided price decreases for Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) & Fixed Wire Testing (FWT) pricing.  PAT has reduced from 68p to 62p per item (a 9% saving) and FWT has reduced from £9.75 to £8.50 per circuit (a 13% saving).

In addition, Quantest Testing have also decreased pricing for FWT from £9.00 to now £7.50 per circuit.  This is a reduction of £1.50 per circuit and a saving of 17%.

And finally, Norwood have decreased their prices for FWT from £6.95 to now £6.50 per circuit a 6% saving.
Full details and the updated pricing schedule can be found on HEC.

Comply2 Ltd. (Formally P&R Services) have advised they are unable to service England, Wales and Northern Ireland therefore they have been removed from Lots 1 and 2 for the Portable Appliance (PAT) & Fixed Wire Testing (FWT) Framework.  Comply2 Ltd. will remain on Lots 3 and 4 covering Scotland for PAT & FWT services.

HEC and the Buyers’ Guide is due to be updated.  Please contact Laura Hough [email protected] if you have any questions.

Office Solutions
• Print Solutions
The Framework Agreement has now been advertised and is available on In-Tend. This was split into 10 regional lots for Operational Print with an additional national lot for Print Management Services - Neutral Vendor.  The Framework is scheduled to begin on 1st May 2018.

Professional Services
• Financial Consultancy Services
The tender working party meets on 1st March to finalise the strategy and develop the proposed ITT Document. This Inter Regional Agreement is scheduled to start on 1st September 2018.

Future and potential agreements
• Virtual Reality Technology
NWUPC is currently undertaking research around the viability of establishing a Framework Agreement for Virtual Reality Technology.  If you would like to contribute to this process, please contact Sarah Dye [email protected] 

• Installation, Maintenance & Repair of Automatic Doors and Shutters
At the last Estates Category Group meeting there was a strong requirement from members that the NWUPC establish a Framework for the Installation, Maintenance and Repair of Automatic Doors and Shutters.  Considering this, NWUPC will progress with the investigation of the establishment of the Framework.

Please can you or a colleague complete the following survey by Wednesday 28th February to ensure the NWUPC understand your Institutions requirements.

Alternatively you can email your feedback to [email protected], Laura would be particularly interested to know your current supplier(s) and your annual spend Ex VAT.  Please contact Laura if you or a colleague would like to take part in the tender working party.

NWUPC news

Staff news
Our Procurement Trainee Greta Frimmel is moving onto pastures new and leaving NWUPC to pursue an opportunity outside of the sector. We wish her all the best and hope to keep in contact.

We are happy to announce that Leila Crowe has been offered a permanent role within the company as an Administration Officer.

In further positive news, our Procurement Trainee Rikaya Knott has passed her latest CIPs exam with flying colours and received a distinction- well done Rikaya!

Helen Dodd-Williams has reached the end of her 6 month temporary secondment as our Head of Contracting and has now handed the baton over to Jane Edwards for six months effective 1 March.

Category Groups

Office Solutions 02/03/2018 Harper Adams University Including presentations from suppliers on the newly awarded paper – print and  specialist framework
Laboratory 07/03/2018 University of Central Lancashire Including a presentation from Steve Roebuck from Scientific Laboratory Supplies (SLS)
Telecommunications 16/03/2018 Liverpool Hope University Including presentation from EE
Travel 22/03/2018 Keele University Including presentation from KLM and Visa
Furniture 23/03/2018 Keele University Focus for the group will be planning and preparation for the tender renewal

• The Summer Term Category Groups have been confirmed as follows

Domestics 02/05/2018 University of Liverpool
Estates 09/05/2018 Manchester Metropolitan University
Computing 18/05/2018 The University of Manchester
Laboratory 23/05/2018 TBC
Office Solutions 01/06/2018 University of Bolton
Professional Services 08/06/2018 Liverpool John Moores University
Audio Visual 13/06/2018 University of Central Lancashire
Telecommunications 22/06/2018 University of Cumbria
Joint Heads of Procurement &
Category Group Chairs Meeting
27/06/2018 University of Salford
Training and events


NWUPC Learning & Development - Exciting News!
We are back!  NWUPC has a strong history of delivering training and development services for the benefit of its members, there has however been a hiatus over recent years. We have been listening to our members and working hard behind the scenes to respond to your needs. NWUPC have partnered with NetPositive Futures to deliver a suite of training sessions geared to HE to cover the most requested areas.
We are delighted to announce that we will be running the following training sessions over the Spring:

•             How to develop an effective Procurement Strategy
•             How to develop an effective Category Strategy
•             Building Project Management into Procurement

Sessions will take place in central Manchester and cost £100 plus vat (including refreshments and lunch). More information and dates will be released soon.

Annual Conference 2018
Our annual conference this year takes place at The University of Manchester on Wednesday 4th April. The supplier exhibition is bigger than ever before with a total of 54 stands, taking place within the University’s flagship conference venue, University Place. We are currently working on a programme for the event, as we collaborate with a range of speakers discussing topics such as GDPR and collaborative learning. To register to attend the event and for more details concerning the conference, head over to our conference page.  


An interview with...

In this edition, we interview Jane Edwards who has now taken on the role of Interim Head of Contracting.

• What does your typical day look like at NWUPC?
I typically start the day with a cup of tea and go through my emails, replying to suppliers, members and other consortia bodies. My daily schedule is quite varied and I’m usually working on something different every day. I’m currently working on a HVLE enquiry and putting together a Soft Furnishing Buyer’s Guide and finalising the appendices. I spend much of my time working with members to gather feedback on different frameworks. I also spend a lot of time in meetings with tender working parties or attending webinars.

• What is your favourite part of your role at NWUPC?
Working with members to gain their requirements and gain value for money in the frameworks we put together. Higher Education is a great sector to work in and it’s fantastic to be a part of, with members who show such a willingness to work collaboratively and achieve great outcomes.

• Is there anything you are excited to be working on?
I’m excited to start working on our Broadcasting framework which is coming up soon, at it will be new territory for us.

• A fun fact about me that you might not know is…
I’m a Texas hold’em poker champion- well in our circle of friends anyway!

• What would your perfect weekend consist of?
Starting with Friday evening, a long hot soak in a bubble bath followed by a nice meal and glass of red at home, cooked by my husband. You did say perfect- so I won’t be planning on doing any cooking on this weekend! Saturday will be a family day out somewhere, be it the beach, exploring somewhere new or a visit to Lyme Park. For Sunday a leisurely get up would be nice and time spent with friend’s maybe afternoon tea followed by a family film at home.

• What would you take with you on a deserted island that you couldn’t manage without?
Sun cream! Definitely sun cream! And Bear Grylls!

• Next thing on your bucket list...?
Seeing the turtles on the beach on my forthcoming holiday to Zante. I’ve seen them before, but I want to show Alison (my daughter) to see her face.

• What is your favourite chocolate bar?
Gosh there are too many to choose from! Maybe a twirl, flake, dairy milk ..... basically anything Cadbury based as long as it’s not a cream egg!


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