ESOS - it's "as you were" for universities

27 Nov
ESOS - it's  

As you may remember TEC previously shared an update regarding the Energy Saving Opportunities Scheme ESOS. A legal memorandum was issued by TEC in December 2014 addressing the position on ESOS in relation to Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). It was clear that commotion around “are HEIs in scope or outside ESOS” seemed to be ongoing, with the further issues by the Environment Agency (EA - the scheme administrators and enforcers) and their pronouncements on the classification of funds from the Student Loans Company (SLC). To recap and to read full article please click here.


It was confirmed, following continued discussions with, and a subsequent response from, the Environmental Agency that, unless specifically self-declared as private and outside the requirement to comply with Public Contracting Regulations 2006 and 2015, that Universities do not need to comply with ESOS.


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