Renewable Aggregated Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)


Twenty Member Institutions collaborated on the energy deal which commenced on 1st October 2019, to buy renewable energy directly from British windfarms and to lock-in a proportion of their power at a fixed price over a ten-year period. The foundations for the agreement were laid as far back as 2015, with legal drafting for the Flexible Electricity framework agreement enabling deals to be sourced directly with energy generators for longer term arrangements.


TEC facilitated the arrangement through their current framework energy partner (presently EDF Energy), with renewable British onshore wind power provided by Statkraft, the largest renewables generator in Europe and Squeaky Clean Energy, a 100% renewable supplier providing balancing services.


This deal is structured so the power from the wind farms contractually flows with the Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGOs) and meets the high standards demanded by TEC on behalf of their Members.


For further information, read the Onshore Wind PPA – Case Study.