New Floor Coverings Framework

NWUPC Members are now able to use the new NEUPC Framework for Floor Coverings (EFM2032NE). This national agreement is available to members of NWUPC, NEUPC, HEPCW, LUPC and SUPC and is the first time that the HE Sector has collaborated on a framework that cover both supply only and supply, fit and maintenance. The tender was supported by expert evaluators from within member institutions to deliver a framework with strong market coverage in the supply base. This will enable institutions to make direct contact with leaders in specialist flooring areas, some of which are not available on pre-exiting framework agreements.
Lot 1 - is a national lot for Supply Only and has attracted a wide range of specialist manufacturers and distributors who have provided preferential rates for the HE Sector.
Lot 2 - covering supply, fit and maintenance, was heavily regionalised to achieve a blend of high quality local and national fitters.  The flooring products within scope of both lots are primary and secondary entrance matting, carpet tile, broadloom carpet, roll vinyl, safety vinyl, acoustic vinyl, vinyl tile, linoleum, static control flooring, rubber flooring, laminate flooring and vinyl - sports flooring.
The framework will run for 4 years, until September 2024, and a Marketing Premium of 0.5% of spend on the framework retrieved will be reinvested into member services at consortia level.
Suppliers awarded to Lot 1 (Supply Only) are:
For Lot 2: Supply, Fit and Maintenance, the lot is split into various regions based on Institution postcode. 
For the full details or regions and postcode mapping, please see the Buyers Guide available on HE Contracts.