National Launch Event Period Dignity Solutions - Lot 14 of the Washroom Services Framework


Last week we announced that Members of NWUPC are now able to access the new NWUPC led Washroom Services Framework - JAN3136 NW. This national agreement, which is a retender of a well-established agreement available to Members of NWUPC, APUC, CPC, HEPCW, LUPC, NEUPC and SUPC, now includes a dedicated lot for period dignity solutions.

What is Period Dignity?

Period dignity is about ensuring access to period products and creating an environment which allows for effective and dignified period management to end the social, economic and health injustices that period poverty creates and perpetuates. 

Whilst the initial conversation might focus on period poverty, the broader context is equality of access to products for all, in a way that does not cause embarrassment or shame.  This is not tackled through enabling access to products alone, but in facilitating barrier-free access accompanied by honest discussions and education around periods and period dignity to break down any stigma related to periods and period poverty.

What Does Lot 14 Cover?

Lot 14 focuses on supporting institutional period dignity schemes through:

  • Product supply
  • Educational campaigns, resources and training

This lot covers the supply of period products focusing on safe, sustainably sourced products with a low environmental impact.  This includes reusable products such as menstrual cups, period pants, pads and panty liners, along with a variety of disposable products.

Supporting resources are available through agreement suppliers covering the hidden chemicals and plastics within conventional products, the benefits and appropriate use of reusable products and period dignity.  Training and educational support requirements can be tailored to the specific needs of the Member at call-off and awarded suppliers are aware that they may be required to work with a range of stakeholders within Institutions to ensure successful delivery of any campaigns. 

Who is Lot 14 for?

Access to the products and services in this lot is for students, staff and the wider community - where members of the community are engaged in a period dignity scheme led by a participating member institution.

Launch Events

To help Members get the most from the new Washroom Services Framework we are holding 2 national online launch events, the first for Lots 1-13 Washroom Services and the second for Lot 14 Period Dignity Solutions. 

Lot 14 – Period Dignity:

To provide members with an opportunity to receive information about Lot 14 - including the scope and how to use the Lot - and to ask any questions you may have, NWUPC Domestics Supplies and Services Category Manager Sarah Dye will host a 45 minute presentation with 15 minutes for a Q&A. You can register your place using this link.

  • When – Tuesday 29th June 2021 – 2pm – 3pm
  • Where – To be held Online

Lots 1-13 Washroom Services:

Covering information about the new Washroom Services agreement including how to call-off from the agreement, with an opportunity to ask questions of the Agreement manager Sarah Dye, lasting 45 minutes with 15 minutes for a Q&A. You can register your place here.

  • When – Tuesday 22nd June 2021 – 10am – 11am
  • Where – To be held Online

We will also be offering a programme of sessions led by the agreement suppliers, further information on these will be issued shortly.  

The agreement went live on the 1st May 2021 and will run for 3 years + an optional 12 month extension to 30th April 2025.

For a full breakdown of Lot 14 Period Dignity Solutions, please watch the interactive video below. Please use the arrows to move through to the next section or click directly on the required section of the video. You can also watch the video at this link

Benefits of using Lot 14 of this agreement:

  • Access to suppliers with a strong pedigree in delivering period dignity solutions.
  • Access to products which are safe, sustainably sourced, and with a low environmental impact.
  • Advantageous pricing based on economies of scale from aggregated spend, with no price increases considered prior to 30th April 2022.
  • Access to educational and promotional resources to support the delivery of period dignity schemes.
  • Reduced administrative effort and associated cost savings.
  • Multiple methods of call-off including direct award, desktop exercise and full mini-competition including permitted variation of weightings
  • The development of a longer-term relationship with suppliers which is mutually beneficial.
  • The flexibility to determine specific requirements at the call off stage.
  • Longer term business planning as the agreement spans a minimum term of three years to allow some stability from market fluctuations.
  • Contract management support

You can find more information about this Lot at NWUPC News.  

Suppliers awarded to Lot 14:

  • Citron Hygiene UK
  • Hey Girls CIC
  • Initial Washroom Hygiene
  • Personnel Hygiene Services Limited

For further information on these Suppliers including contact details, service offering and achieved scores there is a detailed User Guide available on HE Contracts.

For further questions or enquiries contact Sarah Dye, NWUPC’s Domestic Supplies & Services Category Manager on or call on 0161 234 8016.