Cleaning and Janitorial Supplies is now LIVE!


NWUPC have launched the renewed regional agreement for Cleaning and Janitorial Supplies, which is now LIVE!!    This agreement provides a quick and easy route to the broadest range of cleaning chemicals, janitorial supplies, refuse sacks and paper hygiene products.



The agreement lotting structure allows flexibility in call off- as before, users can continue to purchase products under specialist product lots while the new agreement sees the addition of a ‘combined requirement’ lot to potentially drive savings through aggregation of requirements to a single supplier.  The revised lotting structure has opened up access to a broader array of suppliers and competitive offerings.  Further savings can be achieved through the optimisation of available enhanced rebates.

Suppliers are able to offer to institutions a wide range of value added services through the agreement including:

  • Free of charge product trials, governed by new terms and conditions, for a period of four weeks- supported by training and technical assistance
  • Technical support and advice relating to troubleshooting services, driving continuous savings, technological advancements and alternative specifications
  • Free of charge on-site audit services to support product selection and optimisation
  • Training via a wide variety of mediums to meet obligations under health and safety legislation and the efficient and effective use of products and cleaning processes, including bespoke solutions.

The agreement supports responsible procurement through the following measures:

  • Inclusion of feminine hygiene products, both disposable and reusable, within the scope to support period poverty schemes
  • A commitment to the utilisation of sustainable sources of palm oil for relevant products
  • Access to and transparency around product composition and sourcing
  • Establishing an onus on suppliers to develop and support Member Institutions to identify and implement cleaning ranges and practices with lower environmental impacts.

Further information, including the user guide, can be found on HEContracts.