How to Become an NWUPC Supplier

Who are NWUPC?


The North Western Universities Purchasing Consortium (NWUPC) is a not for profit organisation owned by its Full members consisting of 24 Universities within the North West Region.  Our purpose is ‘to provide a structure for higher education institutions to secure value for money in matters relating to purchasing goods and services’. Originally formed by leading HE bodies in the North West, the NWUPC is now run by a Board consisting of Finance Directors and other executive level managers from within the NWUPC membership.


The NWUPC has experienced Category Managers who are specialists in their field.  Each Category Manager is involved in tendering and contract management and acts as a link between the supplier and the Universities.


What do NWUPC do?


NWUPC set up and contract manage Framework Agreements in ten Category areas.  Framework Agreements are established to ensure compliance with the European Procurement Regulations which cover Public Sector contracts over a certain threshold value.


The Framework Agreements are advertised on the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) and are open to all suppliers.  A tender document is completed and returned to NWUPC within strict timescales and then the bid is evaluated based on set criteria.  The Framework Agreement establishes the Terms and Conditions of Supply and generally the pricing for a fixed period.


NWUPC will then appoint a certain number of suppliers onto the Framework Agreement for the duration specified which is typically four years.  Within this time no additional suppliers are added to the Framework.  Members then call off the Agreement by setting up individual contracts with selected suppliers on the Framework.


Framework Agreements are not mandated and Members make purchasing decisions based on their individual requirements and University guidelines.


The Categories are as follows:


  • Administration and Professional Services

  • Audio Visual

  • Catering

  • Computer

  • Domestic Supplies and Services

  • Estates

  • Furniture and Soft Furnishings

  • Laboratory Supplies

  • Stationery and Office Equipment

  • Telecommunications

Who are the Members?


To view a list of our Members please click on the link.


Why become a Supplier to NWUPC?


A supplier to NWUPC would achieve faster market penetration to an increased market base, suppliers would also save money on administration costs as typically one price is negotiated for all members.


Due to the value of the Frameworks all the Agreements established by NWUPC have been competitively tendered and meet the requirements of the EU Procurement Regulations.  Therefore Members utilise the Agreements as an efficient method of ensuring contract compliance.


NWUPC have a good working relationship with our Members who are supportive of the Frameworks that we let.  We only advertise Agreements that our Members have requested and work with them to tailor the specifications to meet their needs.  Therefore we achieve excellent take up of the Agreements within the North West Region.


NWUPC will work with suppliers to promote their products and services to our members and there are several channels available to a contracted suppliers.  We offer web marketing, advertising space in our newsletters and an opportunity to meet buyers face to face at our exhibitions and meetings.


NWUPC also work with our collaborative partners across the UK who include:


North East Universities Purchasing Consortium

London Universities Purchasing Consortium

Southern Universities Purchasing Consortium

Advanced Procurement for Universities and Colleges

The Universities Caterers Organisation

Crescent Purchasing Consortium

Higher Education Purchasing Consortium Wales


Some of the relevant Framework Agreements will therefore be open to members of these Consortia in addition to those in the North West.


How to Become a Supplier to NWUPC


Our website lists the agreements that we currently have in place and when they are due to expire. As the Tendering process starts anywhere between six to twelve months prior to expiry it is wise to look out for the advert during this period. To view the list of NWUPC’s agreements, please click on the link below:


NWUPC agreements details


In accordance with the EU Procurement Regulations notification of the tender process is placed in the Official Journal of the European Union. This is a daily electronic publication and can be viewed at:


Official Journal of the European Union


The advert (called a Contract Notice) will be placed on OJEU and a link provided to In-Tend which is an electronic portal where we conduct the Tender process.  Interested suppliers should register on the In-Tend website (registration is free of charge), and express an interest in the appropriate Framework.  Once you have expressed an interest you will be able to download the tender documents. To register on the In-Tend website, please click on the link below.




Registering on In-Tend does not mean that you are contracted NWUPC supplier.  You need to download the tender documentation, submit a tender for evaluation and be successfully awarded a place on the Framework Agreement.


In-Tend link: