About Us



Our vision is to deliver a first class collaborative procurement service


Our mission is to deliver value through responsible procurement

Aim & Objectives

The main aim as per the Company Memorandum of Association for NWUPC Ltd is:

‘To provide a structure for higher education institutions mutually to secure value for money in matters relating to the procurement of goods and services.’


  1. To communicate and optimise the profile and benefits of collaborative procurement

  2. To deliver outstanding customer service for our members

  3. To drive responsible procurement

  4. To deliver services that support efficiencies and deliver value for money

  5. To operate a robust business model to support longevity

  6. To offer value added procurement services, incorporating training & development alongside e-developments


  • Collaborative

  • Agile

  • Responsive

  • Fair, equal, clear and transparent

  • Member driven

  • Innovative

​Personal Competencies

  • Collaborative – joint working to achieve benefits

  • Professional – reliable, respectable and competent

  • Forward thinking – favouring innovation, development and progression

  • Lead by example – walking the talk

  • Accountable – responsible and answerable for actions

  • Adaptable – able to adjust to new conditions

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